not [ nat ] adverb ***
1. ) used for making negatives
a ) used for making a sentence, expression, or word negative:
He would not listen to anything she said.
Barbara's not coming to the party.
I don't feel sorry for her.
Do not forget your promise.
They told me not to worry.
Not all children have the opportunity for preschool education.
not even: The teacher could not even remember my name.
The oven's not even warm yet.
b ) used instead of repeating something in the negative:
or not: Are you coming with me or not?
if not: I'll probably see you on Sunday; if not, it'll be Monday.
hope/suppose/think etc. not: Is it going to be very expensive? I hope not.
2. ) used for showing the opposite used for showing that you mean the opposite of the word or phrase that follows:
It's not much fun living with a drug addict.
I was astonished and not a little shocked by what she said.
Not surprisingly, Greg forgot to bring the key.
3. ) used for asking questions SPOKEN
a ) used for forming a question when you expect the answer to be yes :
Did you not get my letter?
Isn't it a beautiful day?
That was easy, wasn't it?
b ) used for forming questions that show you think someone should have done something:
Shouldn't you have brought the laundry in out of the rain?
Did I not tell you to be ready by ten o'clock?
4. ) less than an amount used before a distance, length of time, amount, etc. to say that something is less than that amount:
We got there not five minutes before Fran arrived.
He was not three miles from home when his car broke down.
5. ) used for reacting to information that upsets you SPOKEN used for showing that you are surprised, annoyed, or disappointed by something that has just happened or that you have just heard about:
Oh no! Not another of Ronald's stupid ideas.
not at all
1. ) used for emphasizing a negative statement:
My parents were not at all pleased with my test results.
2. ) used as a polite reply when someone has thanked you for something:
Thank you for all your help. Not at all.
not one or not a single
used for emphasizing that there are none of the people or things you are talking about:
Not one member voted in favor.
Not a single book was left on the shelf.
not only/just/merely/simply
used for emphasizing that, although something is true, something else is also true or is more important:
Our apartment is not only centrally located, it's near a park too.
We need to talk about these problems, not simply assume they will resolve themselves.
not only...but (also): There are problems not only with the students, but also with the teachers themselves.
not only do/will/can etc.: Not only can he make people laugh, he can make them cry as well.
not that
used for adding a negative statement that reduces the effect or the importance of what you have just said:
We forgot to leave our number not that it matters; they can always ask Julie.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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